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Real estate is one of the most common investments, yet it is not completely understood by individuals or investors who are not industry professionals. LOM Properties’ embraces your desire to incorporate real estate as a central part of your portfolio. LOM Properties offers a wide range of real estate advisory services in the areas of buying, selling, financing, investing, project development and property management.

Due to the complexity and cost, most real estate investors are not able to hire their own real estate investment advisor. When you utilize LOM Properties’ real estate advisory services, you have access to professional real estate advisors who understand your goals and objectives. Whether you’re considering the purchase of a commercial or residential building or looking to see how you could better manage the properties you already own, our real estate advisory services experts provide solid and sound advise that minimize risk, maximize returns and achieve your overall financial goals.

LOM Properties believes that it’s crucial to understand real estate as an investment class before implementing it as part of a person’s overall financial picture. Our real estate advisory services will help you determine exactly how to move forward with confidence.



LOM Properties’ real estate advisory services will help you to conduct a real estate investment review of any existing properties you may already have in your portfolio. Ultimately, this will help you see more opportunities to improve your property’s performance to either refinance or possibly buy something new.


If you already own investment real estate, our real estate advisory services team will help you assess its performance over time to see if it’s generating adequate cash flow or acquiring sufficient equity. LOM Properties’ can also conduct an investment analysis for each individual property to make sure it is performing as intended in your portfolio. Through several layers of thorough and rigorous analysis our real estate advisory services can help with a variety of other real estate needs, including but not limited to appealing your assessment, refinancing, and lease review. LOM Properties can also help developing a hold-sell strategy to make sure the property fits within your long-term strategies.


Owning investment real estate can be a real challenge. Let it be our headache. LOM Properties real estate management services can manage your property and/or oversee your property manager, approving the budget and making sure the property is leased properly.


You have many choices in how you invest in real estate. Should you buy a commercial building or invest in residential property? Should you pool your money with other investors or invest in a Real Estate Investment Trust, either public or private. These are just a small sample of the questions we typically help our clients address. LOM Properties has access to these and many other opportunities and can advise you on which best fits your individual portfolio and strategy. LOM Properties can also underwrite any deal you wish to undertake, giving you full service on your real estate investments.

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