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Allylix Inc. is a renewable chemicals company that develops terpene products and their derivatives for the flavor and fragrance, food ingredient, pharmaceutical, agricultural and biofuel markets. Terpenes, a class of chemicals known to be effective for a wide range of high value applications, have only been available to date from plants in exceptionally minute quantities. Despite their importance in products from flavors and fragrances to insect repellents to biocides, these highly active compounds have been under exploited due to their high cost and limited supply.  Allylix’ technology platform enables production of high value natural terpenes in greater quantities, of higher quality, and at significantly lower cost than traditional sources.

Renewable chemicals. Unlimited opportunity.

Through metabolic engineering and fermentation, Allylix’ platform enables the production of a wide range of low cost, high value terpene products. The company is able to develop products quickly with only incremental investment in each new product. Allylix’ proprietary technology platform delivers a number of distinct advantages:

  • Terpene production for a fraction of the cost of the traditional approaches of extraction and chemical synthesis
  • Provides a stable, scalable supply of terpenes
  • Enables development of novel compounds
  • Provides a strong IP position

Allylix has scaled its manufacturing processes to full  industrial scale and is producing its first two products, nootkatone, a long-lasting citrus flavor and fragrance used in the food, beverage, and personal care industries and valencene, a sought after orange flavor and fragrance used in similar industries. Until now these terpenes were available only in limited quantities and at high prices. Allylix’ technology will allow customers to dramatically expand the use of nootkatone and valencene in both new and existing applications.

The company’s third product, Epivone™ (epi-beta-vetivone), is a rare and highly valuable terpene that will initially be commercialized for use in fragrance applications. Epivone™ has never been commercially available because it cannot be produced synthetically in a cost-effective manner. The market for similar terpene molecules used in fragrance applications is estimated to be a minimum of $20 million.

The Allylix platform is also applicable to a wide range of industries beyond flavors and fragrances, including food ingredients, fine chemicals, pesticides and crop protection products and biofuels.

Allylix actively seeks collaboration partners to assist in the development and commercialization of its current terpene molecules and their derivatives, as well as its pipeline of terpene compounds across a broad range of industries.

Secure intellectual property

Allylix controls a large and far reaching set of intellectual property including 62 issued patents and multiple U.S. and foreign applications. This intellectual property provides the freedom to operate and includes claims covering structure-based composition of matter, methods, proprietary enzymes and resulting products. It also includes trade secrets that cover host strains, expression systems and manufacturing processes.

Funded for growth

Since 2005, Allylix has secured a total of $33.5 million which has funded the company’s product development and commercialization efforts, including significant advances in its mature pipeline. The company’s initial funding of almost $3 million was led by the Bluegrass Angels. In 2007, Allylix secured a second round of funding in the form of a convertible note worth $3.35 million backed by Tate & Lyle Ventures and Tech Coast Angels. The company secured an additional $9 million in funding in early 2010, backed by Cultivian Ventures, Avrio Ventures and Tate & Lyle Ventures. In March 2012, BASF Venture Capital GmbH invested $13.5 million in Allylix. The BASF subsidiary led an $18.5 million financing round, joined by previous investors Cultivian Ventures, Avrio Ventures and Tate & Lyle Ventures.

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