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LOM Properties provides a complete complement of commercial real estate brokerage services across all property types throughout the state of Kentucky. In addition to the following list of commercial real estate brokerage services, our agents specifically serve these various property types on an expanded regional and national basis. Our in-depth expertise allows us to deliver exceptional results.



From Class-A high-rises to suburban office developments, our licensed agents understand the issues that impact investors, developers, owners and occupiers of office space.

When providing our commercial real estate brokerage services, we focus on our client’s needs and long-term goals. Being able to identify these core objectives and the potential risks allows us to build a strategy that focuses on the various market dynamics that affect a client’s decision making process.

This type of strategic approach also allows us to support landlords with their property marketing and property management endeavors. Our real estate brokerage services’ team can artfully develop a building’s marketing strategy, make recommendations on key improvements and provide a property with its own discernible identity.

Our full-service property management services further aim to reduce operating costs, increase value and protect the physical integrity of the asset.

When it comes to office tenants, LOM Properties’ real estate brokerage services provide exceptional lease negotiation and space-planning. By engineering a lease that provides maximum flexibility and security, the long term growth of your business is not restricted by your physical space. By organizing office space to enhance collaboration and functionality, your space can actually increase staff effectiveness and overall business performance.


LOM Properties provides a full array of commercial real estate brokerage services and management services for warehousing and distribution. Our experienced staff understands the challenges of storing, sorting and moving products between destinations.

We routinely provide a distance analysis to help evaluate the total cost of occupancy. What might seem like a good deal when measured by price per square foot might actually drain your company’s resources when measured by the miles it costs to reach your suppliers and vendors.

Additionally, LOM Properties is keenly aware of the advances in distribution building technology. From the use of robotics, to enhanced ceiling heights and cross-docking capabilities we can actually test a building’s current and future capabilities to guard against functional obsolescence.

Our commercial brokerage services are specifically geared to support developers, owners and occupiers. Weather buying, selling, leasing, managing, developing or renovating, LOM Properties has the experience and tools to meet your financial goals and requirements.


Successful retail acquisition and management are important variables in bringing customers through your door. Our retail representation services offer tenants in-depth market research to support expansion and relocation efforts. Whether the focus is on traffic counts, disposable income or competitive saturation, LOM Properties’ real estate brokerage services will provide you with all of the necessary tools required to make a well-supported location decision.

We also take great care and pride in crafting your lease to make sure it supports growth, controls common areas, NNN expenses and ensures quality tenant improvements. We also drill down to focus on specific details as competitive restrictions, parking access, building security, signage and access contingencies. Such issues can either enhance or erode overall retail traffic.

We also help retail owners in the areas of acquisition and disposition by validating financial projections during the purchase and sales cycle. LOM Properties also provides superior property management services by building strong relationships with tenants and encouraging cooperation among adjacent tenants. Our hands-on approach also focuses on assuring that space configuration enhances customer satisfaction and employee efficiency.


With healthcare being one of the most prolific growth sectors in the changing United States economy, the desire for commercial real estate space to accommodate this burgeoning market has developers, investors and users seeking both investment and property management services. LOM Properties places a great deal of emphasis in assisting both investors and facility owners with their specific goals.

From responsive maintenance to full-scale plant operations, healthcare facility management requires broad experience, specialized knowledge and professional dedication to details. LOM Properties provides guaranteed service outcomes through both corrective and predictive maintenance programs to improve operational efficiency, asset life, safety, and compliance with regulatory agencies.

Our programs can also help users reduce their carbon footprint by improving the operation’s environmental impact, and by reducing operating expenses as well.

We also help owners through the process of acquisition and disposition by validating financial projections, offering memoranda and creating lease abstracts.


Disappointments and uncertainties in the securities markets over the past five years have driven many new investors into the real estate market, in particular the multifamily sector. A well-managed multifamily property can yield attractive operating income, as well as long-term returns better than many alternative opportunities. However, this is also a sector that requires the acquisition of established properties with verifiable earnings. Too often, this entry point into the real estate investing environment has created a less than professional pool of sellers and investors.

LOM Properties’ real estate brokerage services excel greatly in both the acquisition phase as well as the disposition phase of multifamily investing. Thorough on-site due diligence, market analysis and financing options, LOM Properties provides investors with the fundamental keys to make timely decisions. Furthermore, it’s our desire that all negotiations move expeditiously and always in the best interest of our clients. Every condition of the transaction, including terms, interest rates, amortization, and payment schedule are to be designed to meet the individual or institutional owner’s financial goals.

In addition to our real estate brokerage service, LOM Properties provides property management services, development services and construction management services that are tailored to suit the specific needs and nuances of multifamily properties.

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